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Being a Director of Photography

24 August 2014

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When you meet new people, say at at party and they ask ‘what do you do?’ It’s always a funny one…  I often think twice and consider how much explaining I want to do over the loud music and banter ‘Well, I’m a Director of Photography’ that’s normally received with a puzzled look and ‘oh […]

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Harvey Glen Cinematographer

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Back on the Blog

03 August 2014


Hello fellow filmmakers, sorry for the silence over the past year…  I just got so busy with filming and traveling, but that’s no excuse as that’s what I should have been blogging about. Anyway apologies over, I’m back with a plan to write more frequent, but shorter blogs. Here’s a Commercial I shot with Director […]

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Harvey Glen Documentary filming

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Docu Drama around the globe!

20 May 2013

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The last 3 months have been a very interesting & exciting time. I got asked by a good friend Director Nat Sharman to come onboard and shoot a Docu Drama on ‘Unexplained’ Mysteries.   Nat and I have a long history of shooting Docu Dramas together so I jumped at the chance to collaborate with him. For […]

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Vilmos Zigmond ASC with Harvey Glen

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Los Angeles a Cinematic Experience

04 October 2012

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What an incredible Summer 2012 turned out to be! After being inspired by a visit to the City of Angles in 2010 post Sundance, I decided that I really needed to spend a Summer in LA. I didn’t really know anyone in LA, but felt it was a must to join in and be part […]

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Filming Harvey Glen

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03 May 2012


Hello DOP BLOG Readers, it has been a crazy busy time for me recently and at 6.30am on a Wednesday, I have finally found time to sit down and let you know what I have been up to. The past couple of months have included a Panasonic commercial, shot on the ARRI Alexa in the […]

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Your Film Festival

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Ridley Scott & You Tube are at it again!

19 February 2012

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Life in a Day was the first ever user generated film.  Co-produced by You Tube and filmmaking legend Ridley Scott. It was a huge success that I was proud to be part of.  I blogged about it from the first moment I heard, to filming, having my entry selected and being 1 0f 25 incredibly […]

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Canon Super Double Savings!

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Canon Super Double Savings!

07 February 2012


Hello DOP Blog readers.  Just wanted to inform you all about the B&H Canon Deal that’s going on! There doing a Double Super Saver with Rebates! What?  Yes!  Finally a SALE! I love using the Canon 45mm & 90mm Tilt Shift lenses and now am finally going to buy them instead of hiring! They are […]

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Pupa Make Up Commercial Harvey Glen

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Pupa Make Up Commercial shot on Canon 5DMKII

27 January 2012


Hello, I was asked by Optics Digital Pictures in Dubai to help Produce a Pupa Make Up Commercial. The budget was relatively tight, but since they had committed to take care of all post production and the client the models, cars, props and food all I had to do was find a location, crew and […]

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